Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Soot Needing to be cleaned off walls.

Fires in apartment buildings can cause a lot of damage not only to the unit or units that are directly affected by the flames of the fire. Ash and smoke travels... READ MORE

Soot Cleanup in home.

When a fire breaks out on one floor of a home, the "chimney effect" will carry soot up the walls and plumbing channels, through vents and other openings causing... READ MORE

Fire Damage to home beams.

Fire mitigation after a home has been cleared for entry can be a long process. Before you can re-enter the home after a fire the fire department has to clear th... READ MORE

Fire damage in an apartment building

When a fire broke out in an apartment building the tenants quickly evacuated. The fire department had arrived and was successful at putting the fire out, howeve... READ MORE

Fire damage cleaning to a ceiling.

A fire had broken out in an urban apartment complex. After the fire department had finished putting out the fire there is much that is needed to do. The apartme... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Westfield MA

This basement of a Westfield MA home was damaged by a fire caused by an electrical issue. The whole basement was enveloped by fire and smoke leaving charring on... READ MORE