What our Customers say...


Thanks for the help with the roof from the very heavy rainstorm. 

My toilet broke on my 3rd floor bathroom and leaked all the way to the basement. I had called another company to deal with the clean up and everything seemed to be ok. A few months later I started seeing black mold. I ended up getting SERVPRO to come out and clean up the mold that was most likely from the leak on my bathroom a few months back. Next time I call SERVPRO first. 

Being a local plumber people are always asking me who to call when they have either a broken pipe or a sewage backup, to clean up the mess. I always refer them to SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam. They are the most knowledgeable in their field. 

SERVPRO was a godsent, they came out and worked with the insurance company directly to take care of the restoring our home after a fire. We had no idea what to do, but they walked us through every step. They are extremely knowledgeable in this field and I let everyone know how they helped me and my family through this crisis. 

Thank you SERVPRO

Came into the office today and found we had a sewage leak in the basement. SERVPRO came out and quickly cleaned up the mess. Within 3 days things were back to normal and we didn't even have to close! Awesome job!

We had sever ice dams that built up on our roof and has caused a leak coming through the roof. I called SERVPRO and they responded quickly to resolve our issue. What a relief!!!

Thanks guys!

When we received high winds, SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam was there to help clean up all of the water. They made a stressful situation go very smoothly. Highly recommend them for any and all of your emergency clean up needs. 

Our home had to be boarded up and we called SERVPRO, they immediately came out and made sure the home was secure. 

They did an absolutely fantastic job and they were extremely fast about it. My entire basement was completely destroyed and they had everything completely fixed up within 2 days. It's not a huge basement, but the damage was extensive and after they left it basically looked non existent. They also helped me find someone to make sure that the situation didn't occur again and we finished it and it's now a very gorgeous room instead of a dank dark scary place. Lol

I had mold in my home and called a company that I thought knew what they were doing. A few months later I smelled a musty smell. I had my home tested and low and behold I had mold in my home in the same place where the previous company had cleaned the mold up. 

I called SERVPRO since I noticed on their website that they are certified. Glad I did, the mold is gone!


SERVPRO came in and helped me remove mold in my business storage area which was located in the basement. They came in and quickly resolved the issue. I was super impressed by their knowledge of mold removal. The importance of removing mold correctly and the steps needed to take in order to remove it effectively is quite involved. Thanks a bunch guys. 

They came in like gang busters and rid my parents' bathroom of mold. They did a great job. Highly recommend!

I have used other companies in the past for mold, and when I had yet another issue of mold in my home I decided to call SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam to deal with it this time. They were professional and knowledgeable in this field. 

The guys that came to my home to work on the issue knew exactly what they were doing and were very thorough. They even took out time to answer any and all questions I had on the subject. Keep up the good work guys. 

All of the staff were very professional and accommodating from the moment I called the office explaining my situation until the moment they completed the cleanup. I would highly recommend SERVPRO for any and all types of professional cleaning.

I have a business and our hot water heater blew up. I didn't even know they could do that. I searched online and found SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam. They had their team come out and clean up all of the water, and dried the entire basement. So glad I found them they really know what they are doing. I will be sure to save their number in my phone just in case I need them in the future. 

I had mold in my basement, and it was making my kids and I sick. I had SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam come out and give me an estimate. I was very surprised that the removal of mold could be so expensive. When I brought this up to them, they immediately put me at ease. They handled dealing with my insurance, and were out to start the job the very next day. They took the time to go over everything they were doing, explained the process, and answered any questions I had. They worked quickly and did an amazing job!!!! The office staff was always available to speak to me, and the guys in my home were very professional, cleaned up after themselves, and dealt with my children/dogs on a several occasions. They were patient and understanding of the fact that it was extremely difficult for me and my family, and did everything they could to minimize the time we were out of our home. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of water, fire, or mold remediation!!!!!! Thank you so much Matt, Jamie, Tashawn,Olga, and the rest of the crew!!!!!

I had a kitchen fire in my home and SERVPRO came and made it all "Like it never even happened." Thanks 

Thanks SERVPRO for your quick response to the horror I found at my business. I couldn't have dreamed of better service. 

Our septic tank overflowed into our home. We looked for a company to take care of the cleanup not aware that the company we called did not know what they were doing. We ended up calling SERVPRO as was recommended to us by plumber. They really know their business. The mess was cleaned up quickly and the service was impressionable. They even took the time to explain to me why they needed to use certain cleaning materials. If you ever have a septic issue you should call them. 

A tree had fallen into our home during a severe rain storm. SERVPRO had immediately responded to clean up the water that had come into our home. Their professionalism is outstanding, and their knowledge of what needed to be done and why was superb. Highly recommend these guys. 

When a fire broke out in our kitchen at our local business we didn't know how or what steps were needed to get things back in order. So we called SERVPRO as they were recommended to us by a friend. They came out and did their magic. They really do make it "Like it never even happened."

Fires suck! Luckily a friend referred me to SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam for the clean up. They were very courteous and responsive. They also understood how frustrating it is when dealing with fire damage. They walked me through all of the steps in order to get my home restored. I couldn't have done it without their expertise. My heartfelt thanks goes out to your team. 

When our hot water heater let go, we called SERVPRO South Springfield/Agawam to clean up and assess the damage. The response was great; the crew was able to come out late in the evening to clean up the standing water and start the drying process. The crew was very professional and did a great job cleaning up and preserving our finished basement. Through their efforts, we were able to preserve all the drywall in the basement and the tile floor in the bathroom. The administrative staff was very helpful and pleasant to deal with as well.

Fire damage to our home was severe in our living area. Not knowing who to call I decided to search for fire restoration and came upon SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam. After reading through their fire section on their website I felt comfortable that they were the ones to call. I could not have been happier with the end results. 

We own a business in downtown West Springfield. We came into work to find that one of the pipes had burst and caused flooding in our space. We needed to get this cleaned up really quick. SERVPRO had sent their team out straight away to get started on the work. When their team arrived they worked fast and had the water cleaned up in no time. The space was dried in less than a week. Very happy with the services that they offered. 

SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam came out immediately. I called them at 10 o'clock at night and the were at my door working for hours. They came back everyday until my home was dry. They did a fabulous job. Thank you SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam!

SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam responded immediately to my emergency. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. I greatly appreciate all that they had done.

Wonderful work. I don't know how you did it. SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam was very thorough and quick. I don't believe you missed an inch of dust! I'm very impressed.

SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam's workers are great. They cleaned the mold in my home and now I can live comfortably and at ease that I am mold free!

Excellent Service. Your workers made me feel very comfortable and confident in your services. Especially when I was so frantic. I would recommend you to the world.

SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam is very tech savvy. All those gadgets and gizmos they use to make sure my home was dry. I felt very confident in their work. They were on the ball about what to do, and communicated well with me. I greatly appreciated their help.

Thank you SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam for cleaning up the oil spill in my driveway. You did a great job! Thank you.

I cannot even begin to think of where to start. SERVPRO went above and beyond my expectations. If I had to rate your services, I could rate you well above 10+ stars. I can't express how excellent and satisfied I am with your company. Anytime someone talks about water damage or mold or problems with their home, I tell them "You HAVE to call SERVPRO!". Every time I see your workers I get excited that they remember me and are so friendly. They don't hesitate to come say hello and are always asking about the progress of my home. It makes me feel so wonderful to know that SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam cares so much about my well bein, far beyond their job. I can't express how excellent you were. Thank you so much for all you have done!

Thank you SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam for all that you've done. You were very quick to respond to my emergency, very professional, and did an amazing job in such a short period of time. You took great care of me and I'm very satisfied with the services I received. Great job.

You all did a good job. I'm very satisfied and would recommend you to friends and family. Thank you to everyone at SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam.

Thank to the entire crew at SERVPRO Springfield/Agawam. You were all very professional and did an amazing job. You took care of everything and I am forever grateful

When dealing with a recent flood in my basement I had called SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam for help. They went out of their way to explain the process and why it should be done in that way. They are very knowledgeable in their field and really do care about their customers. 

SERVPRO of South Springfield/Agawam cleaned my rugs and they came out beautifully. Thank you SERVPRO!

A small fire broke out in my garage, thankfully I was able to put the fire out myself. However, their was some fire damage. Not knowing how to clean that up, I called SERVPRO. They were able to clean the fire damage up and remove the smoke smell out of the building. Great to work with. 

Had a leak due to the storm. Found out that the winds tore some of my shingles off, which caused the leak when the heavy rains came in. SERVPRO came in and covered the roof and cleaned up the water. 

Fire star service!