Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Membrane roof

Storms and commercial roofs.

Many large commercial buildings have a membrane roof which are extremely delicate. During heavy snow storms the snow should be removed from these roofs to ensure that no damage is done to them resulting in leaks. 

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Roof Leak Caused by Severe Rainstorm

Roof Leak Leads to Mold Issues

Here in New England we sometimes get some very powerful rainstorms. Unfortunately that sometimes leads to roof leaks. If these roof leaks are not caught quick enough they could lead to mold. The mold would then need to be remediated, hopefully before it affects your family's health. 

New England Storms Cause Damage to Homes

Roof Collapses Due to Heavy Snow Fall

Roofs are very susceptible to collapsing from heavy snowfalls. By removing heavy snow from your roof after a snow storm you may be able to prevent this from happening to you.

Damaging Ice Dams

Ice Dams in New England

Ice dams lead to possible leaks coming into your home. Removing the snow from your roof with a roof rake will reduce the likelihood that you will ever see ice dams such as these!

High Winds Cause Trees to Fall on Homes in New England

Fallen Tree

Falling trees during high windstorms trees are one of the things we hear about most causing damage to your home or business. A fallen tree can be a real headache as it usually allows water to enter the home or business causing water damage. 

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